How to make and sell an NFT

how to create nft art

And this is just one of many NFTs that have gone over $1 million. However, many NFT collections are extremely successful and don’t require complex work from the author. Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. In 2021 alone, the price of 1 ETH has gone from under $1,000 to around $4,700 at the time of writing, with many peaks and troughs on the way. It’s perfectly possible for the price of the currency to swing by several hundreds of US dollars in just a few hours. This content has been made available for informational purposes only.

How should you go about picking the best market for yourself, though? Truth be told, no matter if you’re just learning how to create NFT artwork, or are already a proficient seller, there is one platform that stands out among them all – OpenSea. Once you purchase some Ether, you will then need a cryptocurrency wallet to store it in. It’s not wise to leave your coins in an exchange, and on top of that, you would need a separate wallet in order to connect to an NFT marketplace, either way. Being early to enter the industry has some exponential benefits.

how to create nft art

Below that is the most confusing option, titled ‘Choose Collection’. This is a very technical question about how the blockchain is set up. The default option here is ‘Rarible’, and we’d advise leaving it like that. In the right-hand corner of the screen, there’s a button that reads ‘Connect wallet’. Click there, and on the next screen, you’ll be asked for your wallet provider, which in our case is MetaMask. A popup will give you the option to connect your wallet with Rarible.

What is NFT art?

In June 2021, the cult meme of a smirking Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu sold for $4 million. Interestingly, the NFT investor group that purchased the NFT now sells fractional ownership of it, meaning anyone can own a piece for as little as $1. NFTs are digital assets with a unique identity kept and verified on a blockchain (a digital ledger).

how to create nft art

For instance, OpenSea and other popular NFT marketplaces use social proof to approve NFT art. OpenSea requires you to include at least one count of the social media channels that you use to manage your NFT collection and to share it with the public. Choosing multiple means you want to create an NFT collection, which is considered to be a more popular option. However, for the point of our guide on how to create and sell NFTs for free, it makes no difference, and that’s why we will choose Single.

Choose Your NFT Format and Figure out the Content

Remember to factor in any marketplace fees and royalties you may want to earn from future resales of your NFT. In this step-by-step beginner’s guide for 2024, we will walk you through the process of creating an NFT, from understanding what an NFT is to listing it for sale on a marketplace. The price of Ethereum fluctuates from second to second and can be difficult to get track of. The easiest way to get started is by choosing a dollar amount you are willing to invest and purchasing exactly that much Ethereum. The Rainbow and MetaMask wallets mentioned above both allow you to purchase crypto right inside your wallet.

When considering cryptocurrency exchange rankings, though, both of these types of businesses (exchanges and brokerages) are usually just thrown under the umbrella term – exchange. Finally, when it comes to NFT marketplaces, you can’t go wrong by choosing OpenSea. It’s the world’s most popular non-fungible token market, and allows both creators & sellers, and also buyers to have an awesome and beginner-friendly experience. As far as the bubble point goes, it’s worth pointing out that utility-possessing NFTs are becoming more and more recognized, by the day. If you’re an artist with an already-existing audience, things are a bit simpler.

If you’re just starting in digital design, try the Graphic Design Specialization offered by the California Institute of the Arts. After minting on the creation tool, download the NFT file to your device. NFT creator of Fotor is a powerful tool to make NFT images online. With our NFT maker, you can create extraordinary NFT art from nothing but a text prompt. Just enter a description (or prompt), choose a style you like, hit generate, then watch your NFT art come to life in seconds. Powerful AI image & art generator, Fotor offers everyone revolutionary access to create artwork.

  1. The process of creating an NFT does not have to be complicated, expensive, or technical.
  2. Even if you aren’t as talented as Leonardo da Vinci, but still have numerous ideas, it is worth creating an NFT.
  3. Digital art, songs, memes, recipes, and even entire startups are currently listed for sale on NFT marketplaces.
  4. Another feature available on Rarible is the ability to apply for a verified badge.

While NFTs might seem complicated, it’s possible to make your own in a handful of steps. Now that you have an account, you can log in and buy the cryptocurrency. For NFT minting, you need to buy Ethereum (ETH) or Solana (SOL) coins depending on which blockchain you want to mint. Once done, transfer your coins to the wallet you set up in the previous step.

How Do NFTs Work

Speaking of which, however, artists aren’t the only ones that can benefit from creating NFT art. Artists who enter the NFT markets usually expose themselves to completely new audiences and potential buyers of their work. While it’s true that you’d try to market your newly-established NFT business to your already-existing audience, this is just part of the equation.

Say yes, then it’s simply a matter of agreeing to the terms, creating a password, and making your way through some security measures, then you’ll have your account set up. If you’re a traditional artist interested in displaying your work in the NFT marketplace, you can do so by converting your artwork into a digital format. Traditional art requires materials that can be expensive, such as paints, brushes, and canvases.

If that comes as a shock, then it might be time to reconsider your definition of fine art and begin to explore the world of crypto and NFTs. For example, Binance is based in Tokyo, Japan, while Bittrex is located in Liechtenstein. While some are more straightforward and beginner-friendly than others, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties with either of the top-rated exchanges. That said, many users believe that KuCoin is one of the simpler exchanges on the current market.

Click ‘Next’, then ‘Connect’, accept the terms of service and confirm you’re over 13 years old. The jargon involved in the cryptocurrency world can make this part of learning how to make and sell an NFT quite daunting, but buying currency is actually very easy to do. Just be aware that like bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, the value of Ether can fluctuate hugely.

However, until someone actually buys the NFT it gets minted on the Ethereum blockchain, the NFT won’t be registered on the blockchain. After you’ve confirmed the connection to the marketplace from your wallet and accepted the Rarible Terms of Service, you can click on Create (top-right) and create a new NFT on Rarible. After you’ve set all the details, click on Complete listing, and the NFT will be listed for sale. However, the item is not listed for sale and you will not find it if you try to search for it, using the search box. Since we are talking about how to create and sell your NFTs for free, it is important to select the Polygon blockchain, instead of Ethereum, the default one.

But if your NFT is a more complicated item, like a game, or has a complicated smart contract (conditions for the sale), then you may need the help of a developer. Smart contracts are pieces of software code that allow blockchain to store information in a secure and transparent way. Ultimately, these codes are what manage the ownership and transferability of NFTs. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through all the basics that you need to know, plus the steps for creating and minting your own NFT. Downloading my image from Kapwing and adding it to Rarible to mint as an NFT was about as simple as uploading a YouTube video.

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